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The first book about the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method
developed by Raffaello Palandri
Holistic Coach & Consultant, Speaker, MMQG Founder.

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Be patient with yourself as you are growing every day you just don’t give up. Change is made of steps forward, no matter how small they are.

Trust yourself

There are times in life when we must trust ourselves and our journey. We need to trust our call, our understanding, our being one with the Universe.

My conversation with Mia and Ron

Originally posted on Raffaello Palandri's Blog:
Here is the link of the amazing, fun, and brilliant conversation I had on Facebook with Mia and Ron Krishnaswami. We talked about growth, wellness, self-improvement and about how to discover who we really are, what we really want, why we do things the way we do them.…

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