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Help me help people

Originally posted on Raffaello Palandri's Blog:
Help someone you care about! If you know people who need help and/or support in their personal and professional life, lend them a helping hand by referring them to me. Many people don’t openly call for help, even if they are struggling in their lives, even if they…

Group Coaching

It’s time to change your life! Fancy some group coaching? From Mid-August, 4 brand new groups: Find Your Purpose Achieve Your Goals Holistic Coaching Wellness and Nutrition All these 4 groups are making use of the techniques introduced in my book Free to Achieve and of the MMQG syllabus (meditation, mindfulness. Qi Gong). Come andContinue reading “Group Coaching”

What is Holistic Coaching?

New post, new question, and, of course, new answer! Today’s question is: What exactly is Holistic Coaching? Holistic Coaching is a specific branch of coaching that differs from the others as it specifically deals with body, mind, and soul as equally fundamental elements in your system. This means incorporating specific practices, in my case meditation,Continue reading “What is Holistic Coaching?”

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